” Art is, after all, like fertile soil.
It will always find ways to shine a light, even in the darkest of winters.
All a creator owes is faith.”

Tolis Chatzignatiou was born in Athens, where he continues to live and work. He studied graphic design, painting and photography at AKTO Art & Design College as well as music at the Philippos Nakas conservatory.
In addition, he attended painting classes at the Borgias School of Fine Art.

He began to deal with photography more systematically in 2005, alongside his involvement in music production and radio.
In 2010 he decided to focus exclusively on photography, participating in art studies seminars.

He has written and published several articles on photography and its interaction with other art forms such as cinema and music.
He has participated in and also curated many group exhibitions.

In 2016 he co-founded the photography group Diadromes Photography Seminars in which he teaches photography and photography in cinema.

At the same time, he has been a professor of photography at IEK AKMI.

He is co-founder of the travel group Common Routes, of which he was an active member in the period 2015-2022.

In 2022, his first book titled “The Last Man”, containing short texts on art, was published by Perispomeni publications.

Εκθέσεις | Exhibitions

          • “Common Routes ΙV” | 2019 Athens (Athens School of Fine Arts)
          • “Common Routes ΙΙI” | 2018 Athens (Athens School of Fine Arts)
          • “Common Routes ΙΙ” | 2017 Athens (Athens School of Fine Arts)
          • “Unique”  | Sept 2016 Athens, Greece
          • “Visual”  | 2016 Athens, Greece
          • “Common Routes” | 2016 Athens (Michael Cacoyannis Foundation)
          • “Random”  | 2015 Kythnos, Greece
          • “In my view”  | 2015 Athens, Greece
          • “Προσωπική διαδρομή”  | 2014 Athens, Greece
          • “InBetween”  | 2014 Athens, Greece
          • “Πέφτει η νύχτα στο Παλέρμο”  | 2013 Athens, Greece
          • “Friday the 13th”  | 2013 Athens, Greece
          • “The living thing”  | 2012 Athens, Greece