” Sometimes the only way to obtain reality is to exceed it. “

I was born in Athens, Greece. Many years later i studied Graphic Design & Photography Art in AKTO College. I became involved with photography in 2005 while i was working as a part-time Graphics Designer.

In the year 2010 i decided to exclusively focus on photography.
While i’ve been participating in many group exhibitions since 2011, it was the summer of 2015 that i presented my first personal exhibition under the title “Random” in Kythnos island, Greece.

I am a professor of photography at AKMI Metropolitan College, member of the Common Routes team and the Diadromes School of Photography (organizing photography seminars and workshops).

I’m currently working on several projects, so stay tuned here for the updates.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, requests or just want to say “hi”.

Thank you for visiting my website

Εκθέσεις | Exhibitions

          • “Common Routes ΙV” | 2019 Athens (Athens School of Fine Arts)
          • “Common Routes ΙΙI” | 2018 Athens (Athens School of Fine Arts)
          • “Common Routes ΙΙ” | 2017 Athens (Athens School of Fine Arts)
          • “Unique”  | Sept 2016 Athens, Greece
          • “Visual”  | 2016 Athens, Greece
          • “Common Routes” | 2016 Athens (Michael Cacoyannis Foundation)
          • “Random”  | 2015 Kythnos, Greece
          • “In my view”  | 2015 Athens, Greece
          • “Προσωπική διαδρομή”  | 2014 Athens, Greece
          • “InBetween”  | 2014 Athens, Greece
          • “Πέφτει η νύχτα στο Παλέρμο”  | 2013 Athens, Greece
          • “Friday the 13th”  | 2013 Athens, Greece
          • “The living thing”  | 2012 Athens, Greece